LMU Basketball-Jordan Brand

In April 2012 it was announced that LMU athletics had signed a contract with Nike.  Continue reading

2014 LMU recruit: Iziahiah Sweeney

By IronLion

It remains to be seen if there will be a recruit in the 2013 class, but names are starting to appear on various recruiting sites of 2014 players LMU is recruiting. Continue reading

ESPN: LMU with the best incoming recruiting class in the WCC.


Marc Sanchez/Icon SM

Joel Francisco of ESPN breaks down the incoming freshman in the conference in this great article.  (Subscription required) Continue reading

ESPN.com’s WCC preview

ESPN has just posted its preview of the WCC. The previews of the team require a ESPN insider subscription but are well worth it.

Eamonn Brennan of ESPN has quick break down of the conference in this video.

Go Lions!

Crimson- Navy Scrimmage

Saturday, October 20-2012- Gersten Pavilion

By IronLion

Lions basketball fans that attended the Crimson-Navy scrimmage got their first chance to look at the Lions 2012-2013 team. Continue reading

LMU Midnight Madness

The 2012-2013 LMU Basketball season is getting closer by the day, and the excitement is certainly building. The kick-off of the season is Midnight Madness that gives LMU fans a preview of the upcoming season.  Continue reading

Great articles on Anthony Ireland



This is great story posted on Fox Sports  about Anthony Ireland by Rahshaun Haylock. It also contains a excellent quote from Head Coach Max Good about the type of players he looks for. Continue reading

Robert Sacre is trying for the Most Unique Position in Sports

(Article courtesy of My Hooploops, A Top Down Look at the NBA from the Bottom Up)

There is one seat that is fought over with an intensity, seldom seen outside the battlefield or ancient coliseums. It is the war that rages around the last folding chair on every NBA team’s roster. Continue reading

Great Story on Ashley Hamilton on Hoopsfix.com

Last night at the Madness at Midnight Ashley Hamilton was introduced at the “Mayor of LMU” Here is a great story on him. 

A very special coach

JaSim Joshua Pabon, is a fifth grader Curtis Elementary School, who is also a Honorary Assistant Basketball Coach. A rare blood disorder keeps JaSim from playing basketball or any contact sport, but it  doesn’t keep him from the game. Continue reading