Lions Roar Q & A 04-29-20

Thanks to all the Lions fans who submitted questions for this edition of the Lions Roar Q & A. LMU Head Coach Stan Johnson was kind enough to answers questions for the week.

It’s important for schools to have rivalry games.  The national and historic rivalry between Pepperdine and LMU at one time was fierce, but over the last several years has been subdued.  How can you elevate that rivalry as these two programs look to rise in the WCC and national landscape to make Los Angeles a mecca for college basketball?

I believe Coach Romar and his staff are doing a tremendous job building a great program at Pepperdine. As we elevate our men’s basketball program and these games begin to have a real impact on conference standings and in recruiting battles, I think you will see that tremendous rivalry return.

In a region dominated by UCLA and USC, how do you carve a place for LMU to capture attention in the general media?

We have so much respect for the UCLA and USC programs.  Both of those places are great national brands. That being said, there are a lot of talented players in our city, state, and country that can’t all go there.  I believe that as we prioritize our city and region, we will find talented players and high-level people who want to be a part of what we’re building.

You’ve coached at high major programs at Arizona State and Marquette.  How is LMU similar and how do they differ?

I’ve been extremely blessed to be at some high-level basketball programs, none greater than Marquette. What they all have in common are the caliber of people that work at all three places, combined with what is capable of happening at those places.  All three have very high ceilings in terms of what can be accomplished.  Marquette has a commitment level to its Men’s Basketball program that only a handful of programs in the country can match.

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Go Lions!