Lions Roar Q & A 04-23-20

Thanks to all the Lions fans who submitted questions for this edition of the Lions Roar Q & A. LMU Athletic Director Craig Pintens was kind enough to answers questions for the week.

I’d like to see LMU play either (or both) UCLA or USC each season as both programs are on the upswing.  Playing them would be consistent with Coach Johnson’s stated desire to upgrade the Lions non-conference schedule while minimizing team travel expenses.  Is UCLA or USC on the 2020/21 schedule or are these games planned for the future?  LIONS90045

Scheduling is something that is very difficult, as it is a giant jigsaw puzzle where the pieces are constantly changing appearance and shape.   We continue to have discussions about the schedule for next year.   Both USC and UCLA have been part of those discussions, but often trying to line up the correct date is the most difficult part.   At this point with only a handful of games to schedule, it does not appear we will be playing USC or UCLA.   Unless a game is part of a series, games are typically scheduled each year.   We are working to put together a competitive schedule that will align us for post-season opportunities.  

How often do West Coast Conference athletic directors meet and what are the main topics of discussion?

We meet twice a year in person as part of the Executive Council (Athletic Director, Senior Women’s Administrator, Faculty Athletic Representative, Student-Athlete Representative).   At those meetings, we typically discuss WCC and NCAA policies and conference positions.   We also discuss finances, external affairs, championships, television rights, and specific sports.   We have once a month athletic director phone calls that have moved to once a week Zoom calls. There are some great athletic directors in the conference that have the best interests of student-athletes at the forefront.

Recognizing the sobering aspects of COVID-19, does it also present a reset opportunity for some programs and sports?

COVID-19 really provides everyone in college athletics an opportunity to become more efficient.   We hope everyone continues to remain safe and we are able to get back on campus.

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Go Lions!