6’6” G Both Gach Key LMU Target

By Go-To Guy, LMU Lions Roar Contributor

Arizona Compass Prep School is reporting that Both Gach, a long, athletic 6’6” combo guard, is currently on a recruiting visit to LMU. Gach, a 170-pound senior averaged almost 20 points per game for the Dragons.

Gach has a nice outside shot, handles the ball well, passes the ball well and is a quick jumper.  He has been described numerous times as a “high flyer.”  Sounds like a player that would be perfect in an up-tempo system.

Here’s a video of a game where he scores 30:

Here’s a really short video with three highlights.  Check out his first score to see his athleticism and ball-handling skills:


Both Gach has a twin brother named Duoth Gach.  The two played together last year in Minnesota where they led their high school to 29-3 record and the AAA state championships. Both Gach played PG and averaged 16.2 points on 59% shooting.  He shot 74% on FTs, 42% on 3s while dishing out 4.4 assists and pulling down 3.6 rebounds per game.

After his junior year, Both chose to transfer to AZ Compass Prep School while his brother Duoth stayed in Minnesota.  Both is described as a combo guard with more of a complete game, while his twin brother is more of a slasher.

Here’s a nice article on the two of them.

Basketball runs in the family. The Gach twins have an older brother, Gach Gach, who is a junior at West Texas A&M. Gach Gach was quite an influence in their development.

Here’s an article about the Gach brothers from a couple of years ago.

The Gach family doesn’t stop with just the three boys.  They have a sister – Mer Gach – who is a 6’ power forward at Rochester Community and Technical College.  And there’s more!  Literally!  Mer Bach’s bio boasts a family that includes Martha Deng, Tut Dhour, Gach Gach, Both Gach, Duoth Gach, Sunday Gach, Nicki Gach, and Nyaboi Gach.

They are all part of a large Sudanese community in Minnesota.  Here’s an article on the community.

Other schools reported to be recruiting Both Gach include Utah, Oklahoma, Southern Utah, Kent State and North Dakota.

Do we hope Both Gach comes to LMU?  As they say in one of the linked articles above:

“Gach ya!”

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