216 cm Swedish Center MATTIAS MARKUSSON to Visit LMU

BB151002PA044-1-1000x500By Lions Roar Staff

That’s right, 216 centimeters!  Or for those of us living in the United States, 7’1”!

Mattias Markusson is a high effort, developing big man who runs the floor well and uses his height well.  He shows some good shooting, passing and rebounding skills and footwork. He has game-changing size inside on defense.  For a player that has only been playing for 3 ½ years he shows some real promise.

According to a tweet from @Eurohopes, he is coming on a visit to LMU next week.




Here’s a report from the TheHoopDoctors.com a year ago:

From April 18th, 2014

Another player to watch is the 2m16 tall big man Markus Mattiasson. He started playing Basketball only two and a half years ago. Representing Alvik in Basketettan (second league) and participant at Basketball without Borders 2013, Mattiasson has a great physical and mental base to work with. With time and hard work he can become a high level player due to the fact that he hasn’t played organized until this year besides the National Team program. He is behind with technical skills but this is something that can still be taken care off.

And then here’s another report from TheHoopDoctors.com a month later, after the May 14th, Albert Schweitzer Tournament:

Albert Schweitzer Tournament 2014: the Bigs

May 14th, 2014 ·

Mattias Markusson – 2m15 – Center – 1996 – Sweden

The Albert Schweitzer Tournament has been a sort of coming out party for the Swedish Big Man who was not really known on the European scene before. Having a strong body but no real basketball background, Markusson is an imposing person with his 2m15 tall frame. He can also run the floor and seems to be coordinated nicely. Still not in full physical shape, Markusson had a major effect on the game during the stretches he was on the floor as he was a great target inside from where he finished with an amazing efficiency doing only stuff he is capable of doing.

Markusson can catch the ball on Pick and Roll situations and finish immediately with the strong two handed dunk despite a lack of explosiveness or leaping ability. He is not afraid though to finish hard and he has also some very basic back-to-the-basket game where he can use his physical strength to push his defender in a difficult position. His shooting technique is not too bad considering that he plays basketball only for 3 years but he needs to work on the final release of his shot to make it more regular also from the free-throw line. Markusson is a good presence in rebounding on both sides of the floor and he has the timing to finish on the put back as well. On the defensive end, his footwork is looking interesting as he is quick enough to contest three-point shots but he needs to become more agile when defending smaller players who are playing him face to the basket. It might be still a long way to go for the Swedish big but he can develop into an interesting European Center player in the next years.

Stats: 8.5ppg (79.3% FGs), 6.8rpg, 0.8bpg

OK, that’s enough reading about Mattias.  Here’s a link to a basketligan (no, that’s not a typo, that’s Swedish) scouting video.

You’re really going to like what the announcers say about him!

Markusson sounds like a terrific developmental big man prospect!  If the Lions sign him, Coach Dunlap will have done an excellent job bringing in some talented height with the additions of 6’9” Trevor Manuel, 6’11” Stefan Jovanovic and now 216cm Mattias Markusson!