LMU becomes a Nike school !

The Nike logo was created by a graphic designer in Portland for which they were paid $35. Over time the company, and the small swoosh it is recognized by, has become the most powerful sporting apparel companies in the world. The swoosh sign can be found on apparel on athletes in every corner of the world. If rumors are true, the Swoosh will be coming to our corner of the world, and LMU will become a Nike sponsored school. I’m so excited, and  I have been waiting many long years to be able to say that.
I really think Nike designers are second to none in innovation and style. I’m very excited for the moment when I get to purchase my first item of Nike LMU apparel. I think it will be a huge plus for our recruiting. Nike and it basketball related  brands ( Jordan, Kobe, LB) are by far the most popular in basketball. You don’t see anyone lining  up and macing each other to any buy other shoes.
Go Lions!

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